Goals for Economic Development

The City Council directs the growth of Mesquite with the guiding principles of six strategic goals: Safe Community; Attractive Neighborhoods; Improved Transportation and Mobility; Vibrant Economy; High Performing/Transparent Government; Quality Recreation and Culture.

As a part of empowering a Vibrant Economy, the policies and priorities listed below center around partnering with the development community to achieve the objectives which support this goal.

Investment in new and existing businesses

Long term plan for the Town East retail area

Revitalization of targeted retail and business centers

Downtown revitalization

Robust pool of skilled workers and stakeholder partnerships

Economic Development Strategic Plan

The City of Mesquite is in the process of creating an Economic Development Strategic Plan.  The City has engaged Resonance Consultancy to aide the City and it's stakeholders (YOU) in this process.  A business owner/manager, as well as a resident survey, was launched in April of 2022.  In May, there is a Visioning Workshop in which businesses and residents are encouraged to attend.  

Visioning Workshop Agenda